Thursday, January 29, 2009

Knitting Update

Let me tell you, I did some major Christmas knitting this year.  I made four pairs of socks and two baby hats.  I also finished a baby blanket for my brother and sister-in-laws shower that was a couple of weeks ago.  I was a knitting fool!  Unfortunately, I neglected to take pictures of all of the gifts before I gifted them.  I have no idea how I manage to do that so often, but it makes me very frustrated with myself.  So here are a few of the things I did take pictures of before I gave them as gifts.

These socks I made for my mother-in-law.  I loved all the colors in that were in the yarn. 

And this is a newborn size hat that I made for my new niece. 

And I totally forgot to take a picture of the blanket I made for the baby shower, so here is a picture of half the blanket at least.  My friend Veronica took this picture and it cracks me up every time.  My brother is on the left and my sister-in-law on the right.  My head is sticking out in the middle.  I embroidered the name "MACY" at the bottom of the blanket and that is what we are looking at. 

So that is it.  At least it is some proof that I am a knitting maniac. 

Next week you will see pictures of me holding my new little niece...