Friday, March 26, 2010

Family Book

I have been working hard lately on our family book to give to our caseworker. A family book is a photo album/scrapbook of sorts that has pictures of us, our family, and pretty much any photo that tells more about us and what we like to do. Our caseworker will hold on to the book until we are selected for a sibling group. Then our caseworker will give it to the caseworker of the kiddos to look at and use during the selection hearing. When and if we are chosen, the kids will then get the book to have and look at before they come to our home, and then they will bring it with them. I really had a lot of fun making it. And I left some empty pages at the back so we can fill those up with photos of our kiddos when we get them. :)

On another note, summer is slowly coming upon us. The weather forecast is predicting the low 80's for next week. Yikes! I really am not fond of hot weather. I would be perfectly happy if the temperature never raised above 85 degrees. Anyway, I have been in need of a change for quite some time. My hair has been long for the past 4 years! Granted it has been several different colors in those 4 years, but it has been quite some time since I have had a drastic haircut and I am long overdue for one. So this is what I did yesterday:

That is 11 inches of hair I am holding! And actually she probably cut off another inch or two after that. I was going to donate the hair to Locks of Love because I thought I met all the requirements. Your hair has to be over 10 inches and it has to be healthy. Mine was both. The only issue is that I have had my hair highlighted. Locks of Love will accept hair that has been colored, but not bleached. It has something to do with the bleach chemicals and the process they use to make the hair into wigs. Bummer! But there is another non-profit that will accept highlighted hair... They help all children who have medically-related hair loss. It's a great cause and the minimum is only 8 inches, so anyone else in?