Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just in time for... er, summer?

I love knitting socks. Yes indeed. The first pair I ever knitted was probably about 4 years ago. Since then I estimate that I have knitted about 25 pairs of socks, and of those I have given 1/3 away. But not these! (I know you are all thinking... Wow! Jenn has gone from pasty white legs to a nice tan. Nope. My lovely Puerto Rican friend is the owner of these legs and kindly agreed to model for me.)

It's not that they took a lot of time. In fact, these were a relatively quick knit due to the fact that I wasn't using a skinny sock weight yarn. They didn't even cost me anything. I used the leftover yarn from a sweater I made and posted about during the summer. The reason I love these socks is because they are like 2 socks in one! They are double thick because of using so many colors and carrying the strands of non-working yarn on the wrong side of the work. They are extra warm and toasty. Perfect for when the weather gets cold... in like 8 months or so. I got the pattern from this book:

Lots and lots of great sock patterns! Guess I better get started on another pair...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spice is Nice

Brigitte, Anna, and myself recently had an enjoyable evening cooking some new dishes. As an appetizer we made panko crusted portobello fries with a spicy horseradish remoulade dipping sauce. Yummy!

For the main dish, we made tikka masala. It was a wonderfully flavorful dish made with chicken and cooked in a sauce of tomatoes, spices, and cream. I am a huge fan of heat in my food, so the spiciness was most welcome. I would absolutely make this again; especially considering that we have an Indian food market just a couple of miles from the house, so the spicess are readily available.

We also made some potatoes and rice with saffron, but I can't remember the name of those sides. All in all, it was a great meal with great friends!