Friday, May 29, 2009


Jaalla is getting married June 20th, so we decided to give her a lingerie shower.  It was a great way to get some of Jaa's closest friends together for food and fun. 

First we went to The Cheesecake Factory.  Yuummmmm!!! 

Here's Kristin, Jaalla, and Lindsay.

Next we went back to my place for cake, punch, and presents!

The cake that Kristin brought was awesome!  It looked and tasted fabulous.  And no, there is no alcohol in my famous punch recipe.  (Just wanted everyone to be aware of that before they see the next few pictures).

After Jaa opened her presents, we started taking pictures.  This went on for quite some time, but we were having a blast.

This is my favorite picture!  Kevin came home just in the nick of time to get some good group shots for us.  Here we all are jumping off of the fireplace.  Jaalla seemed to get a head start in every picture.  She looks like she has had some major collagen injections in those lips!
It was a great evening!  I hadn't seen Kristin since my wedding nine years ago and I hadn't seen Lindsay since I graduated high school!  It's amazing how time flies.