Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Zebras and camels and goats, oh my!

Klive is a big animal lover, so over the weekend we took him to Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch in Pilot Point.  He had a great time!  Check out their list of all the animals that they have.  It is quite extensive.  The train ride tour was probably all our favorite.  The animals came right up to us and ate out of the buckets on the sides of vehicle.  We were able to pet quite a few of them.

The camels were probably Klive's favorite.  He was able to pet a few that came up to us.

Here he is petting a horse for the first time.

The goats were another favorite.  They just wished Klive had food for them.

I highly recommend Sharkarosa for a fun family outing.  We'll definitely be back with both boys in the future.

Friday, November 8, 2013

15 Months

Well, I'm a month behind.  Then I realized that he is just turning 16 months, so these pictures are technically when Klive was 14 and 15 months. 
Klive loves the school playground near our house.  He love picking up and playing with the small rocks.  It's never pleasant when we have to leave.  I'm so thankful that the weather has been so nice for outdoor play.  Klive loves nothing more than to be outside.

Klive's school recently had a fall carnival.  It was so fun to see all the little ones dressed up.  Klive went as a hobbit.  I got the furry feet idea off of Pinterest and the sweater vest I knitted myself. 

The following Saturday our church put on their annual First Fest.  It was a little warm so the cape did not stay on long and the furry feet fell off soon after.

Klive's favorite part of the evening was this sweet pup.  Papa had to show him how to pet gently.

Looking all grown up in his sweater vest.
Not the greatest pic because it came off of my cell phone.  This was not mommy's smartest move.  I ran to the bathroom quickly and left him eating a small bowl of cheerios.  Well, mommy forgot to place the box out of his reach.  It was just too irresistible.  I came in to see him running his fingers through the pile of Cheerios.

We didn't make it to a pumpkin patch this year, the plant store was the next best thing.

And I just love this picture.  Klive and his Papa at Home Depot.  Too bad Klive didn't have on his overalls as well.