Monday, October 8, 2007

Full Weekend

On Friday night I went out with the Gwen and Mayeli to an Egyptian restaurant for dinner.  I had never been to an Egyptian restaurant before, but quite a bit of the food was familiar to me.  This was a really kiche place in the hospital district of Fort Worth called King Tut's.  The decor was what you would expect; gold covered pharohs and hieroglyphics painted onto the walls.  The food was excellent.  We started with hummus and pita.  Yum!

I had the lamb kabobs with cucumber dip, rice, and pita.  Delicious!  Sorry for the blurry picture.

On Friday, Kevin started painting the bathroom.  I joined him after I returned from my night with the girls.  We stayed up till 1:00 a.m. to finish painting the taupe on the upper half of the bathroom walls.  We repainted white on the lower half on Saturday.  I know I never posted pictures of the before and after when we re-did the shower, so here you go:

Their was something off about the dark tiles and the white, white walls.  Our realtor suggested a taupe on the top half and I think it turned out great.  Yes, I did say realtor.  We are selling our house and hope to put it up on the market in a few weeks.  We have been very busy cleaning trying to get it ready.

Kevin's just not right if he hasn't had his coffee in the morning.

Everything is bigger in Texas!  (Of course this is not a coffee cup but a planter we found at Walmart.)

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