Friday, May 30, 2008

The Big Move

FINALLY, we have moved!  This is what we were doing two weekends ago:

We, with the help of great friends, moved the entire rest of the house into the home we've been waiting to occupy since last October.   I enjoy unpacking for the reason that I get to organize everything and put it where it needs to go.  This is what we did last weekend:

We cleaned the other house to get it ready for our new tenant.  Yes, we are now "Slum Lords" as Kevin would say.  It truly was an answer to prayer after the house was not selling in this terrible market.  We are very excited and feel really good about the whole thing.  

Tish came by the other day and brought me a house warming gift.

Isn't it great!!!  She did a great job!  We hung it up in our foyer right before you enter the living room.  

Right now we are trying to get accustomed to more space.  Sometimes I lose Kevin in the house; whereas before we could each be at one end of the house and still talk to each other. 

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