Friday, January 15, 2010

A New Year - A New Blog

Sorry for the blog change, but I decided it was time for out with the old and in with the new. As most of you know, our lives will be changing dramatically this year. We want to keep our friends and family better updated regarding our adoption process. Also, it just can't be my blog without some cooking shenanigans and knitting accomplishments. Now I will give a short recap of the past couple of months:


We last submitted our home study in December for a sibling group of 4 kiddos - two boys, two girls, ages infant to nine. We are still waiting to hear back. There are so many factors they look at when deciding on potential parents. It's a tough wait for us, but they are looking at the best fit for everyone involved, so knowing that makes it a little easier. For instance, they may want to keep the kids in the area they are already in if they have siblings in another home that they need to stay in contact with. Or they may want to get them away from the area they are in because of their situation before they were placed in foster care.

My caseworker's email address sets off an automatic trigger of emotion in me. When her bolded email address pops up on my aol account, my heart starts racing.

I received Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking for Christmas and I was beyond ecstatic! I made her famous beef bourguignon a couple of weeks ago for dinner. For those who have seen the movie Julie and Julia they will remember the familiar scene where Julie falls asleep and forgets about the beef bourguignon in the oven and burns it. Well, I did not burn it, but I did spend 3 1/2 hours of my life preparing and cooking it. It was worth it though! Delicious!


In these past 6 months I have knit a ton. I don't have a lot of pictures as proof, but I have knit. I really really have! Here are a few things:
I knit this sweater for my adorable niece Macy. I don't have a very good picture of her in it, so when I get a better one I will post it.

And here she is sleeping with the turtle I made her for Christmas. Thank you Kim for getting this great shot for me! I darn near teared up when I saw it.
I'm going to take some more pictures this weekend and post next week.


  1. I am so hoping the adoption works out for you. and your niece is about the cutest thing i have even seen.

  2. Love the new blog! I totally stole your bookshelf and put it on Big Love!

  3. Thanks Misty! And I am so glad you put it on your Sheri! Don't you love it?!

  4. I had no idea what you made for her so I was so NOT expecting a sure is adorable.