Monday, April 30, 2012

29 Weeks

Although I am technically 30 weeks, here is a picture of me at 29 weeks that I am finally downloading. 

I'm feeling good.  The nursery is officially painted and we should hopefully be picking up the crib from the store this week or next, so nursery decorating time is almost underway.  My main craving right now is Icee's.  Coke flavored Icee's only.  I prefer Polar Bear; for you who know what I'm talking about can I get a shout out!  I will settle though for a Slurpee, and I often times have to.  There is a 7-11 just down the road from our house and it is often the most convenient when I just HAVE TO have one.  No need to worry, this is not an everyday habit of mine.  I am limiting myself to two a week.

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