Wednesday, August 7, 2013

13 Months

Our sweet boy is very busy these days.  He's no longer just walking but running.  He's into everything more than ever before.  He enjoys rides in his red wagon and going outside with Papa in general.  We're looking forward to cooler weather so we can take more walks and go to the park.
This is Klive's baby model look.  He truly looks like he's posing for a magazine.
Klive went to his first pool party/birthday party a few weeks ago.  He finally was able to wear his fashionable little bathing suite.

I stuck this picture in because you can actually kind of see Klive's teeth.  He doesn't show them very often.  He has seven right now, but the eighth is soon to arrive.

I love this picture.  He was watching his friends play in the pool.

Klive was a little hesitant about the water.  The water was pretty cool. 

Klive is still a great eater.  He loves a wide variety of foods.  Just the other day I made a lentil veggie stew and he ate every single last lentil off his tray.  It was somewhat spicy, but he seems to like spice.  Fruit is still his favorite.  He hasn't met a fruit that he didn't like.  And it is nearly impossible to eat anything without him begging for some.  In this picture he is enjoying stuffed zucchini with ground beef and marinara.

Also, he has said his "first" word besides Momma, Dadda, and Papa.  It's uh-oh.  I guess you could say it's his first word; at least I'm going to claim that it is.  It's pretty cute.  He also lets out an audible "ahhh" after every drink out of his sippy cup.  I think his Papa taught him that one.

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  1. Definitely a model pic! Love it! Uh-oh was one of my first words too. ;)