Thursday, January 3, 2008


Actually, I completed this bag over a month ago, but I was lazy and did not take pictures until now.  This is the Farmer's Market Bag from Weekend Knitting.  This bag definitely took me longer than a weekend to knit!  Here is the bag before felting:

Then came the hard part.  I tossed my 100% wool bag that I had worked on for hours upon hours into a washing machine full of hot, hot water.  The result:


The bag didn't shrink quite as much as I thougt it would, but I love it.  It it now very sturdy since all the fibers meshed together.  It will be a great bag to use on trips.  It was my first fair isle and my first felting project and I am quite proud of the results.  

The next completed object is a lap blanket made with 100% wool that I bought on clearance at Tuesday Morning (LOVE that store)!  You can buy this particular yarn in yarn stores for $10, but I got it on clearance for $1.75 a skein!  Yeah!!!  Part of the pattern was taken from a book.  It was originally a poncho pattern, but I converted it into a lap blanket.  It holds in heat well and is very warm.

Kevin and I are still painting and scraping wallpaper in the new house.  This particular wallpaper was discovered when we removed a large mirror from the wall in the bathroom.  Definitely original wallpaper from the 70's.


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