Monday, January 7, 2008

More Friends

We finally were able to see our other friends and neighbors from seminary last week when they came through DFW on a layover back to Scotland.  Jason and Erin were the other couple I spoke of a few posts back.  They moved to Scotland over a year and a half ago so Jason could do his PhD work.  Erin and I used to go walking together every week.  She is now pregnant with their first child!  She is such a cute pregnant lady. 

I meant to get a picture with the two of them, but forgot.  

Changing the subject, I have to say that ABC News is way off.  They posted this picture today:
Celebs Relax, Rest on Vacations
The caption reads: "Romo and Simpson's sunny getaway."  That is not Tony Romo.  Whoever posted that picture must not watch entertainment news.  It looks absolutely nothing like him, and any Cowboys fan will see that. 

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