Friday, December 28, 2012

Feeling Crafty Again

I have to admit that it took many months after having Klive for me to feel crafty again.  Mainly it was the lack of sleep and energy.  Plus, when would I ever have time to do much of anything again!  Well, I am making time and definitely feeling creative again.  Here are a few of the things I have made over the last couple of months...

This was actually Brigitte's idea.  She was making stockings for her boys, so she thought I might want to join in.  Great idea!  These were made out of fleece and felt, so super easy.  I do plan to knit Klive a stocking, but obviously that hasn't happened yet.  I am hoping to start working on one for him soon to use next year.

I also made Klive's teachers at his daycare a little something.  This is a Cranberry Curd recipe that I got out of Cooking Light magazine.  I had already made a batch previously, so I knew it would taste good.  I attached a description and an ornament.

And here is a blanket that I made for Klive for Christmas.  I had actually been working on it before he was born, but didn't get it finished in time for his birth.  It's the same exact pattern that I made here for Brigitte's son.  I loved the pattern so much that I wanted to make it for Klive but in a dark gray.

And here is an earflap that I made for Klive for the winter.  I've made him two more in different styles, so I'll have to try to get pictures of him wearing those also.

More craftiness to come...

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