Monday, June 17, 2013

10 and 11 Months

Wow, I am really behind posting pics of Klive's progress.  The time sure has flown. 

Klive is a pretty good eater for the most part.  He likes to eat, just not all the things that I wish he would eat.  For instance, I gave him lima beans the other night for dinner.  Hated them.  Wouldn't eat them.  But the very next day I saw something sticking out of his mouth.  It was a leaf.  I had to pry his mouth open to get it out!  He didn't want to give it up and was quite upset with me for not letting him eat it.  Now how does a leaf taste better than a lima bean?  Answer me that?  Here he is eating tomato sauce with some spices, ground chickpeas, star pasta, and cheese.  He was enjoying himself.

And he loves playing peak-a-boo with the curtains.  I CAN'T keep him away from the curtains.

Okay, this pic speaks for itself.  How stinkin' cute is he??!!

I got him some shades the other day.  He thinks it is funny to wear them.  He usually will keep them on for a minute or two.

Klive is really good at getting into things that he is not supposed to be messing with.  Like in this picture... he pulled out the bins with the DVD's and used them as a step ladder to get to the Wii player so that he could push the power button again... and again... and again.  He's also trying to climb up the entertainment center.  And no, I am not a terrible mother.  I did pull him down as soon as I got my picture.

This is one of my favorite pics of my little one.  I took some shots of him wearing his Papa's straw hat and sitting on the tractor for Kevin's Father's Day present.  I LOVE how it turned out. 
Happy Father's Day Papa!

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