Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Buried Alive

That is what our house had become.  It was literally being swallowed by our shrubbery!  Something had to be done.  Drastic measures had to be taken.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again.  I do not have a green thumb.  I kill things.  This is where I enlisted my husband.  My poor, unsuspecting husband. 

Be prepared to be horrified...

Yep.  That is truly sad.  I use a hedge trimmer every spring and fall on all of our shrubs (that is the only yard work I do... ever).  That is just not enough for these monstrosities.  (Good thing we don't have any windows in the front of our house.)  There are three very large shrubs there.  You can't see the third, but it is behind the purple shrub and is about the same height.  So I used all the charm I could muster and begged Kevin to take out these three shrubs.  Rip them right out!  Then we will place a couple of very nice looking, small shrubs in their place.  After he did this, I noticed that the holly in the back was a lot taller than I remembered.  Also, the one partially behind the big green shrub was half dead.  Sooo, while he was sweaty and dirty I asked if he wouldn't mind just ripping all the holly out as well (imagine me batting my eyelashes).  I believe there were at least four very large holly shrubs.  Out those went as well!

So looking at that left side; we Kevin took all of those shrubs out.  The left side of the house was completely naked!  We went to the nursery and bought lots of nice things.  And I also ordered something very special this week for that space.  It should be delivered in about two weeks.

This past weekend, Kevin ripped out the overgrown shrubs on the right side.  Woo hoo!  And hopefully this weekend he will plant our new shrubs and possibly trim back the trees a little.  I should have a picture next week of all the progress.

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