Sunday, September 11, 2011

Restaurant Love

I had the privilege of eating at two very good places this week. On Wednesday I had lunch at a Conocco gas station. Yes, you did hear me right. The ladies and myself finally made the trek over to Watauga, Texas just north of Fort Worth, so we have lunch at Chef Point Cafe.

They were featured on Diners, Drive-In's, and Dives several years ago. I've heard great things about the place from numerous people, and they were not lying! I got the monte cristo sandwich, but the duck is supposed to be the best. We also shared a piece of their famous bread pudding... feeling faint... There was so much more that I wanted to try. It took us 15 minutes just to decide what we wanted. I will definitely, absolutely be going back!

Then on Saturday I finally was in the vicinity of In-N-Out Burger. They will be building one in Arlington and Irving in the near future, but I just had to have one to tide me over in the meantime. I hadn't had one since the last time I was in California in 2005. Way too long... There were about 20 people in the drive-thru line in front of me. No sweat. I could be patient. After all, I've waited 6 years.

Just like I remembered in all it's juicy goodness. Now, I was not at all impressed with the fries. Maybe it was because they were cold when I got them, but they definitely left something to be desired. I wasn't too upset though. My main goal was to eat that burger. I did, and it was delicious.

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