Friday, August 3, 2007

New Addition

Here is the new addition to our family.  

His name is Woodrow and he is a black lab mix, around two years old.  He thinks he's a lap dog.  He ended up on the doorstep of a co-worker of Kevin's.  She took care of him for two weeks and tried to find his owner (he didn't have a tag).  She already has two large dogs and couldn't keep him.  She was pleased to know that we have been looking for a dog.  He will be Kevin's companion as he drives around all day at work.  He is an absolute sweetheart!  He seemed really lethargic at first.  I think he was sad because he missed his family.  I thought we might have to get some doggy Prozac if he didn't start to perk up.  I think he's starting to adjust now.  We took him for a little walk/jog last night.  I really enjoyed that and he seemed to also.  It will be an almost daily routine for us now. 

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