Friday, August 10, 2007


Thank you everyone who commented or left a kind email.  The days are getting better.  

On to a happier subject.  My friend Veronica went to visit her mom in Chicago last week.  Let me preface by saying that I am a huge hot dog fan.  Huge!  I could probably eat a hot dog everyday and not get tired of them, at least that is what my husband says.  I even like putting ketchup on them, which I know is a sin to most northerners.  Well, Veronica went by Superdawg while she was there.  I know about Superdawg from a PBS special they did on hot dogs.  (I told you I was a geek.)  The picture below is what they use on the box that you hot dog comes in.  Cute huh?!
Veronica was sweet and bought me two shirts while she was there.  A black one and a grey one.
Someday I hope to visit.

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