Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Short Story on Covetousness

Once upon a time there was a beautiful cake stand with a lid on JC Penny's website.  Jennifer saw it and determined that she had to have it.  She purchased the cake stand with lid in December, but alas, it would not be delivered until February.  Jennifer waited anxiously for 2 months in the hopes of receiving her cake stand with lid.  It arrived in February.  She brought it home, washed it, and set it on her countertop for all to see.  The very next evening, Jennifer was putting away the dishes from her drainer into her cabinets.  As she reached to place a porceline bowl in the cabinet, it slipped from her fingers and crashed onto the lip of her cake stand.  The delicate cake stand shattered into a hundred pieces all over the kitchen countertop and floor.  The lid, surprisingly, came out unscathed except for a few chips on the rim.  Jennifer was devistated by her loss.  Two months of waiting for only one day of joy.  Perhaps Jennifer coveted the cake stand with lid too much.  

This is what arrived at my door yesterday.  A birthday present from Tish!

Isn't it gorgeous!  I was very surprised!  Hmmm, I think I'll make a cake this weekend. 

This is another present I received for my birthday from my in-laws.  It is a pink cover for my iPod to protect it.  

Not a great picture, but it really is beautiful!

Yesterday was Jaalla's birthday, so I drove to see her and have dinner.  We went to Chili's and to the pet store to buy more fish for her tank.  The ansemble below is what Jaalla's grandmother thinks she would want to wear.  It is 3 sizes to big and not really something somebody her age would wear.  Every year it is the same story, so every year we anxiously wait to see what she's going to get.  

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