Thursday, June 21, 2007


Kevin and I became interested in bowling together two anniversaries ago.  I wanted to do something besides just go out to eat.  I wanted to do something fun!  We had a blast that night.  We had been bowling together before with friends, but never alone.  I also took a bowling class in college.  It was my PE credit, but it really helped with my form.  I have the precision and Kevin has the power, so he thought we'd make a good team.  We both agreed to go bowling together more often and work on our skills, so we decided to search out used bowling balls and shoes.  When we went home last Thanksgiving to visit family, my grandmother (on my mom's side) gave Kevin my grandfather's bowling ball and shoes.  They were both a perfect fit!  The shoes were brand new and the bowling ball was a used one she had found at a garage sale.  My grandfather is in the late stages of Alzheimer's now and not able to bowl anymore.  My grandmother is an avid 80 year old bowler.  It is one of her all time favorite things next to yard work.  At the ripe age of 80 she has been known to bowl 6 games in a row on senior citizens day at the bowling alley.  She watches it on TV and she is also in a league.  She is so cute!  Whenever she gets a strike she proclaims, "Praise Jesus" and high fives all those around her.  Everyone loves my grandmother.  My mother also used to bowl on the league with her and my aunt, so this is definitely a family sport.  So, Kevin and I have yet to go and bowl together again.  After discovering his deception, we will now be going next week.  He also found me a very nice used ball, so we will be going this weekend to check it out and see if it fits my hand well.  I also think that Kevin and Bill need to find something else fun to do on Tuesday nights instead of going bowling.  I can't have Kevin getting better than me!!!

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