Friday, June 8, 2007

Tonight Kevin starts the demo work on our shower.  The investor that had our house before us put some very interesting material on the walls of the bath tub that is definitely not meant to be used in a shower.  It's beginning to deteriorate a little, so we decided it was time to redo the shower.  Tonight Kevin will tear out the walls of the shower - yikes!  I will be helping him on Saturday and Sunday.  We bought some beautiful slate tiles.  They are not the small tiles, but the bigger ones.  It will still look good, but take less time.  This is similar to what we bought.  

Kevin recently tiled our counter top in the kitchen and did a great job.  
We are slowly but surely improving our home.  It was built in 1945, so it definitely has needed some work.  When we bought it, it did not have central air.  It had central heat though.  Central heat and no central air in Texas...  Anyways, Kevin and his uncle installed the heating and air system themselves.  I am so blessed to have a handy husband!  Our next project will be landscaping in the front yard.  You would think we would have already done that after living here for 2 years, but I HATE gardening.  Oh, we have painted the bedroom.  It is the only room in the house that is not white.  
I really love the way the color of the walls goes with the red duvet and curtains.  

Tonight I will be having a good time while my husband slaves away at the house.  I am going to my friend Sheri's to hang out with the girls.  Girls night out!  I'll try to post pics this weekend. 

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