Monday, June 4, 2007

I'm Back

I had a great weekend!  It was entirely too short.  On Friday when I arrived, mom and I went to Pirates of the Caribean III.  It was okay.  I give it a 6.5 out of 10.  It was not as good as the first two, but there were several surprises.

On Saturday I went to my family reunion about 15 minutes away from my parents at my grandparent's house.  This is my dad's side of the family.  It was so great to see everyone again considering it's usually only once a year that we get together.  

The top left picture is of my Grandfather (Papa) and my Uncle Gary.  My Uncle Gary works overseas in Iraq and was home for a quick visit.  His son is also over in Iraq, but he is fighting and wasn't scheduled for leave yet.  The top middle picture is of my Dad and my Uncle Tim.  That is my Dad's motorcycle.  The top right picture is my cousin Alex (he's such a cutey) and my Grandmother (Nanni).  We were playing chicken foot.  For those of you who do not now, chicken foot is a great domino game that our family loves!  Our games can get pretty heated.  And I love the last picture.  That's me and my Dad.  Everyone thinks that I look more like him, but since my hair is blonde now instead of my natural light brown color, I look more like my Mom.  There are no pictures of her because she is camera shy.  Very, very camera shy.  I'm waiting on a picture of me and my Aunt Kaylen to post.  She is going to send it my way, and with her permission, I will post it.  This isn't just any aunt.  She's my favorite aunt!  

Sunday my Dad and I drove over to my grandparent's house early that morning and they cooked us breakfast.  It is a Sunday morning ritual for him to go over to their house for breakfast.  I always enjoy doing that when I'm in town.  

I got back home around 1:00 on Sunday.  It's always nice to come home to Kevin after having not seen him for a few days. 

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